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right when it was starting to feel real.

the best part of believe is the paul.

shake your hips like battleships
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poetry worth reading.

This journal is now mostly friends-only. I am no longer doing Weekly Bandom but all those posts are unlocked (the tag), and some posts (such as the big rec posts for music, fic, video, and the like) remain unlocked. Personal posts are locked, and I don't add back automatically. However, if you want to be added back, this is the place to ask (and it helps if we have friends in common).

Stylesheet by refuted, with some adjustments on my part.

In case of emergency, my personal information is here.
(un)ironic love, a beautiful mind, addison's anatomy, alex carpenter, allison janney, amanda palmer, andrew bird, art, autobiography of red, band, band camp, band geeks, beat poets, being neurotic, bob bryar, bonnie 'prince' billy, books, boys with girlish hips, brian viglione, bright eyes, clarinet, cobra starship, cobra's sparkly purple gaff, colin meloy, collecting covers, cort & fatboy, couch of epic gay, csssa, death cab for cutie, det. paul garcia, drawing on skin, dumbledore is keyser soze, el ray ~manta, elliott smith, empires, entries in list form, eternal sunshine, fabric jewelry, faily hitmen siska brothers, forevernever, frank iero, fun with punctuation, gay unicorns, gerard way, girl!oral, glittery alien from planet fierce, greta salpeter's everything, haruki murakami, house, i am your trampauline, iconimating, icons, jack white, jagged whispers, johnson is a skeeze, karen o, kate walsh, katherine moennig, kristin hersh, leisha hailey, lesbian!spencer, live recordings, logan echolls the lesbian, lord groovius, making it work, making mixes, mark mothersbaugh, marshall's dommy muppet face, matt maggiacomo, medicine man, mildly alarmed at the disco, mister guitar, music, musical theater, my chemical romance, no sex with johnson, omg! beach ball!, orchestra, panic! at the disco, panic!'s stealth seduction, passing strange, patrick stump, photoshop, poetry, polaroids, psychology, pushing daisies, queer rights, questioning life, rain, reading, recycled art, regina spektor, remus lupin, rowing, royal tenenbaums, saint saëns, scrabulous, shostakovich, singer ♥s piano theory, sirius black, skiing, spencer james smith the fifth, spraypainted t-shirts, stage managing, storms, studio 60, team fierce, tegan & sara, the bijou, the decemberists, the dresden dolls, the elements of style, the hush sound, the l word, the mountain goats, the paul revere jumpsuit apparatus, the raconteurs, the remus lupins, the urie-valdez household, the west wing, the white stripes, the whomping willows, theater, thumb rings, tickle me hell no's, tom conrad, typewriters, velvet suits, water, we're the oceanic six, wes anderson, where's logan, witty social critiques, wrist cuffs, writing


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